About Us

At TBC-Outdoor Living, we are more than builders; we are creators of outdoor experiences. With a passion for transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary retreats, our team brings innovation, craftsmanship, and a commitment to excellence to every project.

Founded on the belief that the outdoors should be an extension of your lifestyle, we specialize in designing and constructing bespoke outdoor living spaces. From charming patio covers and arbors to functional outdoor kitchens and captivating fireplaces, we take pride in crafting environments where lasting memories are made.

What sets us apart is our dedication to quality, using only the finest materials and collaborating with skilled professionals to ensure structural integrity and aesthetic brilliance. We navigate the complexities of city permitting and HOA requirements, guiding you seamlessly through the process.

Our mission is simple: to enhance the way you live outdoors. By combining your vision with our expertise, we create spaces that not only meet but exceed your expectations. TBC-Outdoor Living is your trusted partner in redefining outdoor living in Houston – where dreams take root, and reality unfolds.